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Mike's Horse Rio

Meet Mike Hutchinson

Mike H.'s community Involvement at a glance


  • President EMR Credit Union 1988

  • Coached youth soccer

  • Volunteered with the Bern Creek Improvement Association

    • Managed $200,000 road project

    • Board of Directors member, 1988-1992, 2016 - today 

    • Road Committee member, 1988-1992 

    • Vice President, 1989 

    • Treasurer, 1991 and 2012 

    • President, 1990, 2017-today 

  • East County Homeowners Organization (ECHO) member, 2007-2008 

  • Member of the Miakka Community Club, since 2019 

  • Republican Women's Club of Sarasota, Associate Member

  • Republican Precinct 106 Captain since 2009

  • Republican Executive Committee Chairman's Circle member

  • East County Republican Club Treasurer since 2016 

Proud supporter of the NRA, Lifetime member

In the News...

Turning Old Tech into Problem Solved

-Sarasota Herald Tribune, 7/24/2016

Rio in the news.png

Sarasota Herald Tribune, 5.25.2020

Mike's Dog Raven

More about Mike Hutchinson

Experience in detailed work


Mike Hutchinson, a graduate from Virginia Tech, worked for the Department of Defense as a computer programmer early in his career. Mike came to Sarasota in 1973 to work for EMR Telemetry where he started as a software engineer but also worked as a project manager and supervised various engineering groups. In 1996 Mike went to work for Harris Controls in Melbourne, FL, where he worked on software for monitoring large power grids. In 1999, Mike returned to Sarasota to work at L-3 Communications on "black box" recorders.


Mike has published articles for International Telemetry Conference (ITC) 1982, 1984, 1989


Mike has also participated in international Committees:

  • Committee Member 1999 - 2007 for ARINC Standard 747 Flight Data Recorder

  • Committee Member 1999 - 2007 for ARINC Standard 757 Cockpit Voice Recorder

  • Committee Member 1999 - 2007 for ARINC Standard 767 Combined Recorder

Mike Hutchinson retired in 2007 and has spent his time volunteering in our community. His education and technical work experience provide Mike the ability to understand the county’s complex comprehensive plans.


Committed to serving the community


Mike joined the Sarasota Technology Users Group (STUG) soon after retiring. From this network, Mike started volunteering on the PC Refurbishing Project (PCRP) in 2008. The PCRP restores donated used computers for use by students or adults who can’t afford to buy one. In January 2009 Mike became a STUG Director. Mike was President of STUG from 2011 until 2015. He continues as a director and is now the team leader of the Refurbishing Project. Since 2014 the PCRP has donated over 1,000 computers a year to the community, over 10,000 since inception. Starting in 2018 the project started a program called Komputer for Kids which supplies refurbished computers to schools for use by disadvantaged students.

In addition to volunteering his time on providing refurbished computers to disadvantaged children, Mike has volunteered his time with the Bern Creek Improvement Association (BCIA), a homeowners’ association which manages The Ranches at Bern Creek. The BCIA has opposed the government’s efforts to change land use patterns in eastern Sarasota County that will harm the rural lands.


Mike is an active volunteer with Sarasota’s Republican Executive Committee, serving as precinct captain for 11 years.


He is currently the treasurer of the East County Republican Club.

country country.jpg

Family & Faith 


Born in Massachusetts, Mike Hutchinson grew up in an Air Force family with five siblings. The family was constantly moving including to Hawaii and countries such as Japan and France. Mike had 16 addresses by the time he graduated high school from International School in Bangkok. Finally, Mike settled in Sarasota in 1999 and retired in 2007. Lifelong practicing Catholic, Mike attends St. Patrick’s Church on Bee Ridge Road. Mike and his wife Eileen live on 10 acres in eastern Sarasota County with two horses and Raven, a black German Shepherd certified for pet therapy. 

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