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Conserve our Natural lands

Years ago, our County had a plan to handle new growth.  It required infrastructure to be in place and allowed for green space to protect wildlife and to reduce flooding.  Over the years, that plan was dramatically changed.  I believe in a strategic growth plan that will allow for protection of green space and our rural lands.  

Better Road Plan

We need a better plan for our roads.  I believe infrastructure needs to be addressed before a new development is approved.  We have seen the County approve commercial and residential developments without a plan for road infrastructure.  That must stop.  New developments must have a plan to install and pay for the new roads it needs.  The cost of new roads should not burden our taxpayers.

Fiscally Responsible

The citizens need a government that is a good steward of our tax dollars.  Over the years the burdens of new development especially those in the rural lands have been placed on our taxpayers.  We are paying for new roads into new developments while our roads are neglected.  I believe that the current citizens needs come first.  Our taxpayers should not be paying for new development infrastructure.

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